Mahalaxmi Rock VSI 600

How VSI Works

VSI is nothing but centrifugal "stonepump" stone are fed into centre of the rotor and stones are thrown outwards towards the periphery by centrifugal force. The horizontal rotor rotating at high speed 55m/sec to 65m/sec. The feed material in the rotor starts picking upthe speed and it starts getting distributed over distributed cone and material travels over the rotor vanes. The material attains a velocity as the some velocity of the rotor. The material passes kinetic energy due to the speed of rotor and thrown out of towards the periphery by centrifugal force to disintegrate into number of small pieces giving rise to new surfaces to form sand. This method is Rock to Rock crush.

The VSI is in true sense a pure impact crusher which crushes the material by impacts and shear, compression, attrition and impact allocations, play the role in crushing the material. In VSI there is no gap setting. The crushed material falls hrough the annular open ring area by gravitational force.

Design of the Rotor

The design of rotor is very special. The flow of material is positive with less wear. The wear and tear of rotor is minimized due to stone lining formed inside the rotor, wear plates are specially designed from special material all the wearing points are made up of special material. The wearing isdepend on the hardness of stone.

Point To Remember

  • Material  is not reduced by one pass only but after 3-4 passes or more.
  • Therefore high circulating load is essential so cubical shape achieved is much superior to cubical shape by any other crushing equipments.
  • You must ensure of no oversized material is fed to VSI is very vital even one or two oversized pieces can be harmful to VSI.
  • Feeding continuously, without interruption at rated capacity gives better results. It increases output and shape of aggregates, gets further improved.
  • Pre-screening prior to feeding to VSI is very essential  because iron pieces can damage the machine and maximum specified feed size is strictly controlled otherwise oversized material may damage to the V.S.I.

Capacity Data

Type / Model- VSI 600

  • Maximum feed size-0.16 mm
  • Output capacity-35 to 40 TPH
  • R.RM.-1500 to  1620
  • Power HP-75 H.R
  • Motor Pulley (mm)-236 mm (Taper lock pulley) 1  Brass=4 Ton (Approximately)